Curse of Strahd

Our first sess!

To the lands!

We will begin on this upcoming sunday (19th)

Please comment below what time you would like to do this and where!

Also please say which snacks you would like to bring to the event.

Dont forget your character sheets, dice, and figurine if you have it! See you all very soon =D


Dibs bringing tortilla chips n salsa!

Our first sess!

Also potentially baked goods but this depends on if I feel like it.

Our first sess!

I will bring koobie and cheese with crackers. I will also bake cookies for the next session after a great triumph (or failure)

I guess for time, the earlier the better with the earliest being 4:00 pm. I can go as late as 10:00 pm. Location doesn’t matter to me, though transportation is an issue as I don’t drive.

Our first sess!
extrodias extrodias

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